Volume One Table of Contents


--Richard Shweder

Introduction to the Series

--Michele Gelfand, CY Chiu, and Ying-Yi Hong

Human Culture in Evolutionary Perspective

--Michael Tomasello

Culture, Emotion, and Expression

--David Matsumoto and Hyi-Sung Hwang

Infectious Disease and the Creation of Culture

--Mark Schaller and Damian R. Murray

Attachment, Learning and Coping: The Interplay of Cultural Similarities and Differences

--Fred Rothbaum, Gilda Morelli, and Natalie Rusk

Culturally Situated Linguistic Ecologies and Language Use: Cultural Tools at the Service of Representing and Shaping Situated Realities

--Gün R Semin

Micro-Macro Dynamics of the Cultural Construction of Reality: A Niche Construction Approach to Culture

--Toshio Yamagishi

Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism: Implications for Understanding Psychological Processes

--Sharon Shavitt, Carlos J. Torelli, and Hila Riemer


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