Volume Five Table of Contents

Similarities of Chimpanzee and Human Culture

--Christophe Boesch, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Culture and Neuroplasticity

--Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan
--Jiyoung Park, University of California-San Francisco
--Yay-hyung Cho, University of Michigan

Morality, Development, and Culture

--Melanie Killen, University of Maryland
--Aline Hitti, Tulane University
--Shelby Cooley, Univesity of Maryland
--Laura Elenbaas, University of Maryland

The Psychology of Residential and Relational Mobilities

--Shigehiro Oishi, University of Virginia
--Joanna Schug, College of William and Mary
--Masaki Yuki, Hokkaido University

Cultural Intelligence: Origins, Conceptualizations, Evolution, and Methodological Diversity

--Soong Ang, Nanyang Technological University
--Linn Van Dyne, Michigan State University
--Thomas Rockstuhl, Nanyang Technological University

Methodological Aspects of Cross-Cultural Research

--Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Tilberg University


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