Lab Director

  • Michele J. Gelfand

    Michele Gelfand is Professor of Psychology and affiliate of the RH Smith School of Business and is a Distinguished University Scholar Teacher at the University of Maryland, College Park. She received her Ph.D. in Social/ Organizational Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

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  • Yan Mu

    Yan Mu is a postdoctoral researcher currently working with Dr. Michele Gelfand. She is from China and received her Ph.D. in psychology from Peking University in 2011. Yan’s main research focus on 1) investigating the neural and genetic basis of human social behavior by using neuroimaging methods (e.g. fMRI, EEG); 2) investigating how different culture values shape our brain by using cross-culture and neuroimaging methods; 3) investigating the neuromolecular basis of synchrony behavior and its relationships with other factors, such as gender, ingroup bias, social threat and culture value by using hyperscanning technique.


Graduate Students

  • Brandon Crosby

    Brandon is a fifth year doctoral student who primarily works with Michele Gelfand. Brandon's research interests include race, negotiation as well as status and social accounts. Specifically, he is interested in how race can impact how individuals decide to negotiate as well as understanding how individuals of different ascribed and achieved status are treated after trust violations.


  • Jesse Harrington

    Jesse Harrington is a fifth year doctoral student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow working in the fields of social and organizational psychology with a focus on cross-cultural research. He is interested in cultural evolution, the influence of ecological factors on cultural norms and individual psychology, the relationship between cross-cultural differences and power, and cultural differences at various levels of analysis (for example, at the international, intra-national, and organizational levels)


    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (awarded 2013)

    NSF EAPSI Fellowship - China, 2015


  • Ren Li

    Ren is a fourth year in the program, and works with Michele Gelfand. Her currently research focuses on acculturation and cultural comparison in consumer behavior. She is also interested in cross-cultural psychology of moral judgment and decision making.


  • Jasmine Wheeler

    Jasmine is a fourth year graduate student in the SDOS program working with Dr. Michele Gelfand. Her research interests include diversity, leadership, race, and power. More specifically, she is interested in how to maximize the success of diversity efforts and ensure that women and minorities in the workplace feel empowered and have the ability to take advanced leadership roles.


    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (awarded 2014)

    Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship (awarded 2015)


Affiliated Lab Members

  • Michelle Dugas

    Michelle is a sixth year graduate student who primarily works with Arie Kruglanski and whose research interests are focused on the intersection of motivation and group processes. Currently, she is working on a research program that conceptualizes groups as means to various goals and explores the implications of goal systems theory principles for group identification. Additional projects that she is developing include investigations into the motivational antecedents of different forms of extremism and the role of cultural tightness-looseness in successful self-control.


  • Jessica Fernandez

    Jess is a fourth year graduate student in the Social, Decision and Organizational Sciences program. She received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Gettysburg College. Her general research interests include thought processes and self-regulation, social identity and norms, and group interactions.


  • Ben Levine

    Ben is a second year graduate student who works primarily with James Grand. His research interests are focused on team and leadership processes. Currently, he is working on projects related to team adaptability, leadership perceptions, and tightness-looseness.


Lab Managers and Research Assistants

  • Nava Caluori

    Nava is the culture lab manager, working under Dr. Michele Gelfand. She graduated from Skidmore College in 2016 with a double major in psychology and religious studies. Her main research interests include the social norms and belief systems that separate people into distinct groups. Specifically, she is interested in the ways religious and cultural affiliations contribute to group identities and how these identities in turn contribute to group-based conflict. She is also interested in intergroup prejudice and investigating possible factors that contribute to and alleviate it.


  • Sarah Gordon

    Sarah is a full-time research assistant working on organizational psychology and tightness-looseness projects with Dr. Michele Gelfand. She studied psychology and linguistics at Columbia University and is interested in cross-cultural research, particularly as it relates to conflict resolution, decision making, and leadership. Before joining the lab, Sarah conducted research on cross-cultural attitudes and negotiation at Columbia Business School. She was also involved with diversity program evaluation and neuropsychology research on language production, as well as consumer behavior research at a consulting firm in China.


  • Nour Mansour

    Nour graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BA in Psychology and received her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Central Michigan University. Her main research interests are focused on the cultural processes involved in negotiation and conflict resolution. She is currently assisting with projects involving the areas of tightness-looseness across cultures, in addition to apology and forgiveness.


  • Virginia Choi

    Virginia grew up in Southern California and graduated from Smith College with a BA in Philosophy. She is interested in researching the impact of group characteristics, specifically diversity, and the influence of culture on organizational and individual processes.


Undergraduate Students

  • Rachael Parsons

    Rachael is a senior Public Health Science major at the University of Maryland, and is the laboratory's senior research assistant. She is currently assisting with research on tightness-looseness in the context of acculturation. Her research interests include culture, diversity, and acculturation, along with how they can influence health and wellbeing.


  • Amber Fox

    Amber Fox is a senior at the University of Maryland, who graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Amber is currently a Research Assistant in both The Comprehensive Assessment and Intervention Program (CAIP) Lab working under Dr. Andres De Los Reyes and The Culture Lab working for Dr. Michele Gelfand. Amber's research interests include clinical psychology, the prevention of the development of psychological disorders, and social and familial support as a vital factor in disorder development.



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